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Here’s an interesting case study that gave lessons far beyond what you’d expect.

I was interested to know from a marketing perspective how background or environment of video influences the opt-in rate.

I shot 3 videos. A video in front of a blank or white background, a video in front of a median size home and a video in front of a multi-million dollar 8,000 sq ft house. I am not going to share the results here, instead I am going to share an additional dynamic I did not anticipate.

The video on the page was shot at a personal friends home. What I did not count on is how crazy and ridiculous the web can get today. It’s like the wild wild west and there is no regulation really or any consequences for wrong doing!

You must be careful because people will blatantly fabricate and twist facts with no regard to the damage they cause. I had uploaded the video in June of 2010, roughly 6 months before opening the membership of The Customer Advantage up to preliminary accounts. In February some Anonymous blogger grabbed this and really began to defame me and throw a ton of false content about me. The person is totally anonymous and appears to do this to many people in an effort to generate traffic to their site.

The claims were ridiculous. Like, I was in front of my abandoned foreclosed house, The house was certainly never in foreclosure and I personally have NEVER been in foreclosure. It was never stated or implied that it was my house. Matter of fact, I never made any reference to financial status at all. I think of all the times I ever did a video on a beach, in a meeting facility, by the lake or otherwise, I have never thought to say… this is or is not my house or property!

What amazed me even more is how significant this was to people. How so many people will read an article on the web and allow that to determine their beliefs and future action so quickly. I thought it especially interesting from a marketing stand point since I personally stated my name and was very open and the person defaming me is anonymous and unknown and blatantly states on their site that they do not accept any information that supports those they are against.

It certainly illustrates the limited thinking of the anonymous blogger. Consider that everyone comes to this planet as a baby with nothing. If the only way you could be wealthy is if you have lots of money I guess we’d all still be in the dark ages. The environment you live in, the things you own etc. are NOT evidence of anything of certainty. That anonymous blogger should Google Warren Buffett and see what house or car he drives. Matter of fact, the majority of wealthy people I know (and I do know many of them) live in modest homes and drive 2 or 3 year old cars as a rule. Yah, I have some friends with fancy cars too and I myself (at the time of that filming) had a BMW M5 and my wife drove a Lexus GX-470. Again, it has nothing to do with anything in business though. Your success will never be determined by what someone else does, it will only be determined by what YOU do.

You do not have success because of your material things, you have the option of material things because of your success. Success is an ongoing process and it’s dynamic. Anyone can have success if they choose to do the things that lead to success. Steve Jobs of Apple (started in a garage), Bill Gates of Microsoft (started as a teen in his basement), Mark Zuckerberg started in his Dorm Room. Jeff Bazos ran amazon from his living room for a time.

I laugh, because I have 5 kids, I married my high school sweetheart and I am certainly beyond the adolescent years of trying to prove anything to anyone. We live in the house my wife chose and we’ve been her for more than 10 years. We had certain desires and criteria and they are all exceeded here.

I do my best to inspire everyone that they write their own story. Anything is possible and you should never live your life from a comparison standpoint. That is a very limiting approach. My observation tells me that you will most likely not have money if you chase money. When you word to provide as much value as you can to others, you will then have success… no sooner either.
Maybe I’ll expand on this later, if there are questions. It (reading the negative defaming bloggers content) became a great illustration of how POOR people think. Bottom line, the most critical things that limit you are not external… they are internal!

John Milanoski

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