Is the word “Failure” a part of your vocabulary? I am amazed at how this word is so very misused!

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How you use this word (the fact that you use it at all) says a lot about YOU!

There’s a certain function of the English language that you should pay attention to and in most cases eliminate from your thoughts and use. Not understanding this can be very detrimental to your beliefs and the beliefs of those you communicate with. Nominalizations are very dangerous

Life is NOT static; however we often use word labels that define a static state. Your understanding, recognition and utilization of this speech has a huge impact on your future.

The global use of the word “failure” implies that all hope is lost. Using phrases like “He Is a Failure” or “I am a failure” is just flat out offensive. Several things are implied 1. The person spoken of has no ability to do anything more or is dead. 2. It also suggests that the person stating such has some special knowledge of the future. Remember, the use of this word illustrates your own personal beliefs about what YOU are capable of and that is projected to the world to measure what you think “others” are capable of. It has nothing to do with the person you are speaking of. If you state this about yourself, you’re probably right unless you change your belief about what you are capable of and how you are going to proceed.

Failure is a word most often used by people that are making an excuse to quit!

Even though you didn’t reach your goal YET, you have made many successful and useful distinctions. Even learning what not to do is a component of the journey to success! Continuing on, allows you to maximize those discoveries.

~ John Milanoski

Look, most people do understand this because if they didn’t, we would not have mentors, teachers or coaches.

Why do you hire a coach or go to school? Because that the ideal process to gain compounded knowledge. Most likely the majority of all the little things that didn’t work on the journey to success have been identified and noted or removed. You hire a coach because they have already gone through the10 years of application, distinctions and fine tuning. You hire them because if you listen, you won’t have to go through all of that.

So, there you have it… I’ll argue that Failure simply does not exist!

Life is dynamic and you shape the outcome with your action. Each snapshot in time can be a presentation of desired or undesired results. How the next snapshot looks, is up to you!

You are always successful at making discoveries and what you do with those discoveries will determine your outcome

John Milanoski

Failure – by John Milanoski

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