by -John Milanoski

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Quitting is easy! Well, at least in the short term.John Milanoski on marketing millionaire

On this site I will illustrate why you should and can carry on. Before you make any hasty decisions that could impact your future forever (such as quitting) come here first to get a little reminder and perspective.

It is my goal to give you some insight and inspiration to continue towards your maximum potential.  You will have real world examples that seem uncommon but in reality they are very common.  Most people notice the Hollywood version of business.  The seemingly, overnight success of businesses.  What most people do not see are the challenges, the moments that would scare most people out of business. Those are the moments of greatness and amazing distinctions.  The challenges are what create the value!

As you go on your entrepreneurial journey, if you are new or an unknown you may experience a higher level of opposition.  The Nay Sayers will attack.  The Critics will be loud and seem to be everywhere!  Let that be your reminder that you are on to something. Think of it as your right of passage.

Rare are the people that will continue on and push through the challenges. As you know, rare is valuable! BE VALUABLE.

Consider this… As a Game Changer, the things you are criticized and ridiculed for now will more than likely be the same things that you are admired for later.  This is only made possible by your commitment and follow through with the ultimate tipping point being the Success you created!

~ John Milanoski

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